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Since 2018, a few of you have requested that I look into either Substack or Patreon as a means of getting my writing out to a larger audience. I’m extraordinarily lucky-the girl who used to daydream out of her community college classroom window about one day being Molly Ivins has now seen two op-ed pieces published in the Gray Lady before sprouting a single gray hair.

Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems | Lane Aviation Academy | Lane Community  College
Aerial/drone view of Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon

With the debut of this fab Substack, reliance on long, multiple thread tweets to write about cool, or conversely, crazy shit on twitter will now decline. I swore to you that if I ever felt my audience size had grown enough that it stood a chance of surviving outside of twitter I’d at least give it a go. Twitter threads were attractive for two reasons: they were entirely uncensored and immediate, two attributes that will carry over to this substack.

After talking with a recruiter at Substack and taking a tour of the platform, I was convinced it was the best fit for both of us. Much of the content I’ll be posting here will be free to anyone who subscribes, but paid subscribers will access exclusive content and will receive opportunities to attend events that free subscribers will not have access to. Between the two subscription options, the more expensive of the two, Founding Members, provides the subscriber access to more intimate content- Zoom events and activities that will involve more interaction with me. Coming from humble roots, I want to be sure everyone at least gets a chance at that type of access so I offer the opportunity for anyone to earn a free Founding Member annual pass (good for a year) for referring 15 paid subscribers while for referring 7 paid subscriber, someone can earn their own paid subscription (good for one year). I’m hoping the site performs well and that I can expand my scholarship opportunities.

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One thing to keep in mind is that Substack has its own idiosyncrasies. Like twitter, it’s a platform. This means that I’m conforming to it, not the other way around. So, there are some things I like about it, and some things I don’t. The important part for you to know is that I can’t change any of it, so you’ll want to take complaints about The System to Substack while you can send complaints about The Content to me, where it will be summarily ignored!

I’m totally kidding! I’ll only ignore complaints from free subscribers! If you take the step of supporting my work via a paid or Founding Member subscription I promise your complaint will receive consideration. Up until now, I have given everything I’ve shared of my intellectual content for free. Transitioning to substack will change the nature of our relationship, making you a consumer and me, a product. In a competitive marketplace, it’ll be my job to convince you my intellectual content is a worthy investment of your money!

When you sign up for a paid subscription, you are buying a (proportional) stake in me as a writer, analyst, expat professor, brand new campaign strategist with a Super Pac (who saw that coming?!), a podcaster, and always, a 3rd rate comedian. Recently I knocked off a major bucket list item I never dreamed I’d actually get to do when I got to appear in a skit on The Daily Show which I used to call out Independents for being “fake as fuck!"

The 3rd rate comedian bit is important for you to understand. My analysis and commentary is in the genre of infotainment. That means, its meant to be irreverent, a little raunchy, and profane. To answer your question, no, it doesn’t have to be this way. Straight-laced, serious election analysis and commentary is by far the norm so if that’s your jam, you have plenty of content to choose from. If you’re reading my stuff, you are doing so with the expectation of the above. If you are straight-laced, easily offended, and/or sensitive to profanity, you should definitely not hang out here!

You should also know that once the Super Pac launches, I’ll be slightly unorthodox fusion of election analysis and active electioneering. Much of the benefits of a paid subscription or Founding Member account will come from content involving work with the Super Pac. I’ll take you backstage on things like ads, voter targeting, messaging, GOTV, branding and other bad ass Super Pac stuff The Doc always wished someone would have shown her!

Founding Members will also get opps to participate in focus group ads, get to give feedback on messaging, ads, surveys, and other fun shit that will give you a chance to interact with me, participate with saving democracy. So, dig deep if you can and become a Founding Member.

FYI: Here is how the GOP would advertising their Founding Membership:

If You Don’t Become a Founding Member for The Cycle-On Substack, Democrats Will Be Able To Ban Violent Video Games and Make Mountain Dew Illegal

Bryan Cranston Soda GIF by Mountain Dew

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